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Ask These 10 Questions Before Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

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Everyone can be subject to car accidents or be involved in a traffic collision caused by another person; that’s why hiring a car accident lawyer may be a good idea in such situations. However, trusting someone to carry your mantle of being represented in a legal battle is hardly a simple task, as the lawyer you will hire is the person responsible for protecting your rights and interests and will take care of all the legal issues involved in the case of a victim of a car accident. But not all car accident lawyers are created equal; you should be prepared to ask these ten questions to decide if they are the right fit to handle your case.

1. What kind of cases does the lawyer take on?

Many lawyers attempt to play around with car accidents and personal injury cases. They do this often because they believe it’s easy to earn money. However, the lawyer you choose to handle your case is supposed to only deal with cases involving car accidents and Personal injury lawsuits. If the lawyer doesn’t have previous experience handling the same case like yours, there’s a chance that he may not be aware of all the problems that may arise. It’s not like seeing a pediatrician when you suffer from a heart problem, would you?

2. Are they experienced in handling cases similar to those you have?

A lawyer might have dealt with 20 cases where an injured person was involved; however, inquire how many were identical to your case. Based on the severity of your injuries, you may require a medical expert to provide an opinion regarding the source of injuries. An accident reconstructionist might also be needed to offer an opinion regarding the causes of the crash. Of course, there are no two car accidents the same. But the similarities and experience will help ensure that the case will be handled professionally.

3 What information should I give my attorney?

The odds of winning a car accident case will depend on three aspects:

  • What you were doing before and post-accident.
  • How much evidence there was.
  • Whether witnesses back each side.

An experienced attorney will require you to submit the information needed to build your case.

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