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9 Things We Continue To Do Every Day Without Realizing How Dangerous They Are

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Humans have an instinct that triggers an alarm when they will be in danger. However, not all situations can be predicted, especially with the things we do every day that we think are harmless, such as being on the phone all the time. In this article, we will share with you 9 things you keep doing every day that might put you in danger.

1. Drinking from plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are full of a large number of microplastics, which are a threat to human health. These microplastics can affect your fertility, increase body fat, have a negative impact on the immune and nervous system, encourage childhood obesity, affect male genital development and increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. These bottles are even more harmful to children.

2. Use dry-cleaned clothes

.Dry cleaning is a chemical process. Many hazardous chemicals are used when dry cleaning clothes and some may stick to the fabric. Inhaling these chemicals ca/n cause respiratory and eye irritations, headaches, dizziness, and vision problems.

3. Holding sneezes

You should never keep a sneeze. If you hold it, you risk breaking your eardrum with the air that sneezing sends to your ears. Controlling your sneezing can also cause your blood vessels in your eyes, nose, and eardrums to compress and burst.

4. Using fragrances full of chemicals

Many fragrances are full of toxic ingredients that companies keep secret. These ingredients come from petroleum and can cause respiratory and hormonal problems, nausea and vomiting. In the worst case, people can even suffer from perfume poisoning or cancer.

5. Popping pimples

First of all, squeezing out pimples can aggravate them and even cause scars, so it’s not really helpful. There is an area of the face known as the “triangle of death” that has a direct link to the brain and if you cause an infection there by trying to get pimples out, it could easily reach the nervous system and cause complications with vision. This could lead to paralysis, meningitis, and in the worst case, death. If you ever feel like popping a pimple, simply play with a wrist bracelet and the desire will disappear.

6. Use of cosmetics with synthetic components

It is important to be very selective when choosing your makeup. Many brands contain synthetic components that can be very harmful to you. These components can accumulate in your body over time and cause skin irritation and even cancer.

7. Not changing your pillow

Every night while you sleep, your pillow absorbs hair, skin, and body oil. This can attract dust mites into your pillow, which can cause very serious allergies.

8. Nose hair removal

Pulling out hair from your nose can cause irritation and inflammation of the skin. If you remove hair, you will also weaken your immune system and this can eventually lead to meningitis and other brain infections.

9. Eating pre-packaged meals

Pre-packaged foods contain far less nutritious benefits than fresh foods. Many of these ready-to-use products produce carcinogens because they are cooked at high temperatures. These meals also tend to contain substances that can increase your risk of developing diabetes.